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3:00 AM 21st May 2022

How To Save On Energy

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay
Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay
The UK inflation rate jumped to 9% in April up from 7% in March. Higher food and fuel prices have contributed to the rise in cost of living; however, an alarming worry for millions is the £700-a-year increase in energy costs that the nation saw last month.

Home Energy Saving Tips

With the ongoing energy crisis set to worsen, Alex Staker, Head of Commercial Operations at Bionic has provided some tips to help homeowners and renters save on their energy bills.

Assess When You’re Heating Your Home

With temperatures heating up and summer on the way, most have turned their heating off. However, it is important to remember these tips for when those cold days creep back in:

Most homeowners pay the same rate to heat their home during the day as they do during the night, and could be wasting money by heating unused rooms during the day. You could save hours of energy by only heating your home when you need to. Simply set the timer on the thermostat to start the heating at certain times.

Another simple yet effective energy saving tip is to turn your heating down by one degree. Just taking your thermostat down a notch is a quick way to start saving fast and you probably won’t even notice the tiny temperature difference. This one small action only takes seconds to carry out and could potentially slash your heating bills by as much as 10%.

Switch Appliances Off

Do you notice that you tend to leave appliances on standby rather than switching them off completely? When appliances are left on standby, they’re still using energy, which essentially wastes energy and money. Switching appliances completely off to help cut your gas and electricity costs.

Pay Attention To The Weather

Take a closer look at your thermostats and adjust them according to the weather conditions outside. If it’s a warmer, sunnier day and rooms don’t need to be heated, then turn the thermostat down and you’ll be saving money in no time.

Be Mindful of Water Costs

60°C is the optimum temperature for hot water, so if you notice that you’re running water that’s hotter than that, you could be wasting energy.

Turn Off Lights When Not In Use Or Fit Light Sensors

It may seem like an obvious one, but sometimes we don’t even register that leaving lights on can cause our energy bills to skyrocket.

If it’s a bright, sunny morning or afternoon and the lights aren't really making too much of a difference, pull back the blinds take advantage of the sunlight
Homeowners could also install light sensors in places where people aren't going to be all day, like cupboards or closet spaces.

Draught-Proof Your Home

If you work on ensuring your home is well insulated, then there will be less need for expensive heating costs. Draught-proofing doors and windows is a cheap but effective way to save money on gas and electric bills.

Request A Home Energy Audit

By taking part in an energy audit, you’re ensuring that you know exactly where you are using the most and how you can cut this down. It’ll help you take full control of your spending.

Many energy suppliers offer audits to help you pinpoint exactly where you can save power and how you can do this.