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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
5:46 PM 16th May 2017

How To Start Writing A Book

In my previous blog posts I have talked about life as an author, how to build a successful blog and suggested some useful tips along the way... but I feel I have never talked in depth about starting to write a book, how long it can take and the process involved in writing.

I was entering an unknown field when I first became an author and needed guidance. Now every day I learn something new. I suppose this is the way the world works, you learn as you go along often after making mistakes.

I saw a quote a few years ago which said; 'Everyone has a book inside them. Everyone has a story, it's up to you to share it.' which I believe is true and if you wish to be a writer than you have to start to write.

Getting started is the hard part, how do you even start a book?

I always find the beginning is really difficult. I know what I want to say but just how do I say it.

The best advice I can give is to write all your ideas down, who your target market is, what do your readers want to read!

I must admit I never did this when I wrote my first book. I literally sat down one day and began to write, but when I start a new book now I always analyse my target market and look at my audience.

Alfie is the main character in my books and his cheeky nature keeps me going with endless stories to tell. But his books are fictional stories for children so they contain lots of magic and imagination. I have a pretty random imagination but I've always liked the thought of the 'unknown' and this really reflects in my books.

If you have a passion for something it will shine through in your work and you will find your readers wanting more...

You are almost certain to hit a wall at some point when writing, also known as 'writers block'. This always happens to me at the most inconvenient times.

I'm usually at a really exciting chapter or just about to finish my story and I can't think of how I want it to end. Sometimes I believe that's because I don't want my story to end so my mind just stops functioning! When this does happen I usually go down to the field and play with Alfie, but I can recommend going for a walk or doing something to take your mind off your book!

My books are normally 12,000+ words. To get them right they take me around 4-6 months to write. Then there is the whole process of proof-
reading and editing, cover design and much more.

Writing a book is exciting and exhausting at times but really rewarding.

If you're thinking of writing a book then good luck and don't ever give up!