Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
11:17 AM 13th June 2022

"I Fear For My Future" - Reaction From Small Charities To Latest Economic Data

The cost of living crisis is impacting on Charites. With news today that ONS UK GDP figures show a 0.3% contraction for April 2022, charities are fearing the future.

Marie Peacock, CEO of Yorkshire's Brain Tumour Charity: "The current "cost of giving" crisis is much bigger, and is hitting our charity harder, than the pandemic ever did. There has been a huge drop-off in donations since the start of the year, not just in monetary donations but in charity shop donations of items, too. At the same time, we have seen a 95% increase in requests for our patient grants as people receiving a brain tumour diagnosis are finding themselves in a serious financial crisis. As a charity, we can't keep up with the demand when our income is 61% down. The Government needs to step in to support charities so we can all get through the tough year ahead together, intact and meeting the needs of those we support who have had their lives turned upside down. If something isn't done soon the future does not look very positive."

Maria Hanson MBE, founder of the Derby-based charity, me&dee: “Donations, like the economy, are grinding to a halt. Recently we have lost five of our regular monthly supporters. This is our only set income, and therefore a massive concern. Our number of applications have doubled and we do not have double the resources."