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12:49 PM 20th September 2023

Ilkley Interior Design Agency Expands With Appointment Of New Local Designer

(L-R) Karen Lilleyman, Ann Marie Cousins & Rebecca Garnett, AMC Design Studio Manager.
(L-R) Karen Lilleyman, Ann Marie Cousins & Rebecca Garnett, AMC Design Studio Manager.
Interior design agency, AMC Design has expanded as a new designer joins its growing team.

The Illkley-based agency, founded by Ann Marie Cousins in 2014, has appointed local designer Karen Lilleyman, who has taken on a newly created design role to further AMC Design’s offering, guiding and inspiring clients to achieve their dream home.

Originally from Yorkshire, Karen has always had a creative passion, but like AMC Design founder Ann Marie, she began her career practicing law. Karen studied French at Nottingham University, followed by a law conversion at The College of Law, London, before pursuing a career as a commercial litigator in London. In 2013, she left the legal profession, moving to the USA in 2014 to explore new opportunities. Whilst there, she retrained as an interior designer with the New York Institute of Art and Design, graduating in 2021.

Karen Lilleyman
Karen Lilleyman
Karen said:
“A career in the law can be intellectually stimulating and exciting, but it is also stressful, intense and demands a lot of long hours."

“After 13 years, I was burned out and looking for a more creative outlet, where I could have more autonomy and flexibility, whilst maintaining the same work ethic.

“Though my interior design career began in the USA, I was drawn back to my UK roots and more specifically Yorkshire, where I felt my creativity could really thrive.”

It was the opportunity to further explore a client’s personality, tastes and creative drive that really appealed to Karen when looking for a new career opportunity – a process which AMC Design has perfected in order to reflect their client’s personality within the creative brief.

AMC Design founder, Ann Marie Cousins, said:
“I like to think that I’m a people person, so listening to both what a client says, and doesn’t say is key. I also feel a lot of affinity with AMC Design’s ethos to encourage clients to be brave with their design choices.

“I’m extremely sensitive to the atmosphere of a space, and love to work with layered lighting, textures and pattern to create a space that feels right – whether that’s cosy and informal, fresh and energising or intimate and relaxing. I want to create designs that really work for our clients and inspire them every day.”

“Karen’s arrival came at a pivotal time for AMC Design, as we begin some exciting new long-term projects.”

“With Karen’s skill and natural understanding of our region she is sure to be a long-term asset to the team. Our paths crossed during our legal careers, and I am excited by this fantastic opportunity to pursue our creative careers together.”

AMC Design is also offering the opportunity for young people interested in a career in interior design, to explore the industry with work experience at the top-ranking agency. The studio will be welcoming students from local specialist school, Brooklands, to experience life in an interior design agency over the coming months, showcasing this exciting and dynamic creative industry.