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9:00 AM 22nd August 2020

Inspiring Post-Quarantine Destinations #BeyondBarcelona

It’s no secret that Brits have a life-long love affair with Spain. With its sunshine, tapas and siesta culture, it is hardly surprising. But there is more to Spain than the Costa del Sol and Barcelona. Here is where you should be visiting post-quarantine!

For the buzz of Barcelona without the tourist takeover, visit the birthplace of paella.
Valencia is an up-and-coming gastronomic hotspot of Spain. Not only that, but its unique blend of futuristic architecture and historic centre dating back to 1238 make it a fascinating place to explore. Whilst there, Valencia’s Old Town is a must-see: don’t miss The Mercado Central, Lonja (Silk Exchange) and imposing Cathedral. Crossing the impressive 9 kilometre city park, you will find the City of Arts and Sciences. Calatrava’s architectural masterpiece put Valencia on the map as an unmissable destination and is definitely worth a visit. Most importantly, Valencia has a gorgeous stretch of beachfront, ticking all of the boxes for a perfect holiday. If you want to discover the best of the city sights, gastronomy and wine in one of Valencia’s most emblematic venues, check out Sea Saffron. See the city from Valencia’s highest rooftop or explore an ancient venue dating back to the 11th Century. These local hosts invite you to experience Valencia in an authentic and memorable way.

San Sebastian
Known as Donostia in its Basque name, San Sebastian may not be one for sun-seekers but what it lacks in weather it makes up for in cuisine.
Formerly the destination for the rich, San Sebastian’s 1920s beach promenades are a charming crossover between Brighton beachfront and Monte Carlo. Home to some of the most verdant scenes in Spain and some of the country’s best surfing, San Sebastian is also a must-visit destination for all food lovers. In fact, the Basque region boasts one of the highest number of Michelin stars per square metre, globally. Famous for the “pintxo”, bar-hopping and sampling gourmet bites is the modus operandi in this Basque coastal city. In the summer, people take to the streets for Pinxto Pote, an excuse to spend an evening socialising, drinking wine and eating tapas. San Sebastian Pintxos Tours will help you discover the best of the Basque.

Located at the footfalls of the Sierra Nevada, Granada is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Spain. Famous for the iconic Alhambra, Moorish and Medieval style permeates even the narrowest of city streets. Although the Alhambra’s palace and fortress are what compels tourists to visit Granada, the city is so much more than that. It has also made its name as a popular student city meaning that the nightlife and lively bar scene never disappoints. Tapas is a way of life in Granada and the city has its own unique tapas style. The streets are lined with more than 2000 tapas bars! To discover the history and customs of tapas in Granada, discover Granada Tapas Tours.