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Graham Clark
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5:48 PM 3rd November 2019

Interview With Al Murray Ahead Of Yorkshire Shows

Al Murray is probably best known for his Pub Landlord character but what many people do not know about Al is that he is also an accomplished drummer and also a fan of progressive rock music.

He is currently on tour in the Landlord of Hope and Glory tour which visits Hull, York and Doncaster before the end of the year. I spoke to Al about the tour.

You are coming to Yorkshire soon, do you have any good memories of Yorkshire?
In Yorkshire you have one of the best Theatres in the country in the City Varieties in Leeds. It is a great place and was built for what people like me do. We went there earlier this year and did two shows, a matinee and a show in the evening. We go to Hull, York and Doncaster in November, I'm looking forward to visiting these places.

You have a good memory which you use in the act, how do you do it?
Yes, I must have a good memory. In the show at the beginning I ask the front row of the stalls what job they do then at the end of the night I read it all back to them and join it all together. It's not something you would expect the Pub Landlord to do as people would not expect it from him!

In the act you drink many pints, is it real beer?
I'm not going to tell you that!

Not many people know that you are a very good drummer?
That's right, I've actually written too the music you will hear in the show. I actually played the drums too at the Download Festival a few years back, I've actually got a company in Stockport that makes drums.

What is your favourite progressive rock album?
That's a good question, if it was Genesis it would be Seconds Out, then for Yes it would be Fragile from 1971.

Are you tempted to stand in the coming elections like to have done in the past?
No fear, I been there, done that and got the T Shirt. A lot of hard work went into it, but in the end no one really listened.

What can we expect in the show?
It's different every night, but I like to talk about what's going on but find a different way of doing it, but as things change it can't really be the same every night.

What do you think makes Britain great?
The availability of a good cup of tea!

Landlord of Hope and Glory Tour

17 November - Hull City Hall
18 November - York Grand Opera House
29 November - Doncaster Dome