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1:58 PM 13th December 2019

Interview With Capella Ahead Of 'We Love The 90's' Tour

Capella had huge European hits with tracks such as Move On Baby and You and Me. Capella were a force to be reckoned with in the 90's. They are part of the 'We Love The 90's' tour which visits Leeds and Manchester this December.

The tour features 15 acts who between them have sold 120 million record sales with 60 UK Top 10 singles. Acts include Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base, Vengaboys, 2 Unlimited, Snap, Whigfield, Haddaway, Dr Alban, Culture Beat, Robin S and Capella, with other acts such as La Bouche and Rednex.

I asked Marcus from Capella about the tour.

It all sounds very exciting what can we expect?

Basically it is a 90's tour of European dance artists who had a lot of success who are playing 5 arena shows.

Capella originally came out of Media Records in the 90's. In fact they were one of the biggest dance acts to come out of Italy. 7 years ago we had a meeting with the label and we started working together as Capella. It is great timing as there has been all these 70's and 80's shows so now it's the turn of the 90's as it has become a retro style of music. We do though get a lot of young people coming to the shows.

My partner Liz and myself were doing a lot of our own stuff. My life was doing musical theatre, though we put music out on our own label and then our agent introduced us to Media Records. The funny thing is that I used to listen to Capella doing my paper round!

Do you think dance music is as good as it was in the 90's?

It is completely different as back then we had school discos, the songs were more simple and the lyric was easy to understand, but now it's all a lot of rap. You cannot compare those 90's songs from those of today.

Are you excited about playing Arenas on this tour?

It's incredible to be playing somewhere like Wembley, it is somewhere you dream of playing at. My parents have not been to an arena gig so that will be special for them. We have been to Yorkshire before but not played in Leeds, it is a fairly new arena too so we are looking forward to playing there. We are not that far away from Manchester, only about an hour or so, that will be special for us too.

How does it feel to be playing these shows with all these other acts?

It's amazing as these were artists that we grew up with like Whigfield and the Vengaboys. We were out in Ibiza and my brother and partner came to see the show and they were star struck when we ended up sat in a hot tub with the Vengaboys!

We Love The 90's Tour visits:

Leeds Arena - Friday 13 December
Manchester Arena - Friday 20 December

Tickets from: