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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:45 AM 30th May 2020

Interview With Carrie Baxter

You might not have heard of Carrie Baxter yet, I hadn’t until a week ago. When listening to New Music Friday on Spotify one song made my ears prick up and pay attention.

4/4(Love Affair) her current single gave the impression that Baxter was an American neo soul artist who was influenced by artists such as Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.

Whilst the influences still stand her place of origin could not be more wide off the mark. The Southern Ireland singer now based in London certainly excited me and her melodic songs seem timeless.

Intrigued by this new artist I had to discover more, as we will discover in my interview below.

I really like the song 4/4 (Love Affair) who are your influences?
Yes there is Erykah Badu but I only discovered her later on in my life when I was around 14. The big influences are artists like Frank Sinatra, Nora Jones and then later on I got into Hip Hop with groups like A Tribe Called Quest, a loved they rhythm and drum patterns which you can hear in my music now.

You are from Southern Ireland, are you still based there?
I am in Vauxhall in London now, I really don’t like big cities though, I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t a musician, it is only because London is where the music business is based.

How have you been spending the Lockdown?
It’s been an interesting time so I’ve tried to use the time wisely. I have learnt to play the guitar, I’m not very technical so I’ve learnt to edit photos with my camera too. Life does not stop, life still goes on, my email inbox is still getting full up!

How was your song writing trip to Nashville as part of the charity Help Musicians?
It was life changing for me,it’s where I found myself. I went in 2018 and I was still studying at the time. We were given a brief but you didn’t have to follow it when writing with the other songwriters. Have you ever been to Nashville? (I haven’t), you should go it has such an energy.

In a way it reminded me of Ireland in that it has the tradition of songwriting and telling a story in a song.

Have you got any concerts planned?
I should have been playing at Liverpool Sound City but I’m doing the on line version instead. My EP is out on 12 June and on the night before I’m doing a live session on line from my living room - I might not get much sleep the night before!

There are so many platforms to get your music heard, has it been difficult for you?
It’s incredibly difficult but if you put the time in and do what is individual to you and try to be authentic and honest it should pay off.

Are there any artists you would like to work with?
There are quite a few - it changes daily. Kendrick Lemar would be one, my EP is modelled on his albums, he was such a big influence to me.

What makes a good song for you?
The Melody catches me first, it has to be something which hooks the ear, then the tone of the voice, the lyric does not have to be amazing but it is good if it says something the listener wants to hear. You can spot the difference if it is not authentic.

There is this culture at the moment of people rushing to get music out and there is no individuality, many singers sound the same, I urge any songwriters out there to take their time.