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Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:27 AM 1st September 2020

Interview With Flynn

After exceeding 40 million streams as featured vocalist on Lost Frequencies’ ‘Recognise’, Flynn has released a new single called B-Side. The Irish born singer looks set to have a big hit with the song. I asked him about the track and his career to date.

Your new single B-Side reminds me of Olly Murs, who did you listen to growing up?

Thanks, I’ll take it as a compliment, love a bit of the Murs! Growing up I listened to a lot of Eminem, Bill Withers and Amy Winehouse. I’m loving Holly Humberstone at the moment, she’s great!

How did you get to work with Lost Frequencies?

I wrote a song in London, one of the guys showed it to Lost Frequencies, he loved it and wanted to help us finish it. Felix is such a lovely chap.

I hear you went to school with Niall Horan, do you still keep in touch?

Yeah, now and then we chat on the phone and catch up. He really got behind my new music so I’m super grateful.

How did you get a music deal with Sony Music in Germany?

One of the A&R’s from Jive Records got in touch with my manager and it all went from there, lovely bunch of people!

Are you still riding your old Raleigh Bike?

My bike is in Ireland at the moment and I’m staying in the UK for a few months doing writing sessions, so not had a chance, I need to get one!

When you did your busking, what was the most money you made in a day?

150 quid during Christmas one year.

Can you dance, most people in Ireland seen to have a natural gift to dance?

After a few pints I can dance!

What was it like playing to 40,000 people at Tomorrow Land?

Incredible, especially cause they were all singing the song back to me. It was mad!

Where is the best city you have traveled to so far?

LA - I went last October to write and had the best time!

What are you missing most at the moment during these strange times?

Spending time with friends and family, I’m dreading the winter cause at the moment as we can just about make it work when we meet in gardens, I’ve tried my best to keep up with social distancing.