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Graham Clark
Features Writer
8:00 AM 11th March 2020

Interview With JC Stewart

23 year old JC Stewart is a name that you might not have heard yet. This rising star from Derry, Northern Ireland has already had thousands of streams of his tracks Bones and his new single Lying That You Love Me.

He sets out on a European tour in May that concentrates mainly on Germany. It might be that his career takes off there before the UK, but you probably already know his songs - he co wrote the track Hollywood that appears on Lewis Capaldi's debut album. I chatted to JC about his plans and that Lewis Capaldi song.

How has the reaction been so far to the new single, Lying That You Love Me?

It's had the best reactions I've had so far for a single, you would not believe how well the track has been received by radio in places like China, Italy and the rest of Europe.

You have worked with Nile Rodgers and Rudimental, what was that like?

It was one of those work experience things that I applied for to do some writing in London, I had forgotten all about it then I got the email inviting me over. We had to remix the Chic track Le Freak and Nile Rodgers was there. I was only 17 years old at the time and had never been to a big studio before so it was a big thing for me and really set the bar.

Did you have any musical influences when growing up?

I wasn't really into music until I was about 15 and started listening to what my parents liked, such as The Beatles, Queen and Bowie, then I discovered acts such as The Script and got into the Northern Ireland band, Snow Patrol, but these days I have quite a wide range of music I like, such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Do you like touring?

I do. To raise my profile I have done some good support slots such as the Freya Ridings tour last year but this year I've got my own tour in Europe, but next week I'm going over to Los Angeles for some recording and to film some videos too, I also hope to get down to Nashville, we are trying to get the ball rolling over there really.

You supported Lewis Capaldi on tour in Ireland last year, what was that like?

It was awesome, we are really good friends, I wrote the song Hollywood with Lewis which is on his debut album that came out last year. He called me up and said do you want to go out for a beer, we ended up in the studio from 11pm to 4am and that's how the song came about. People now know that I can write a song and it has been a massive help to me.

Would you like to get to the level of success that Lewis has now?

Of course but it's not the be all or end all of it, it really is unprecedented what Lewis has done. You might think that I'm joking but I love doing what I do - writing songs and performing- as long as I can do that I will be happy.

Do you think your style of music would fit into the singles chart at the moment?

Live music at the moment is completely different to what you find in the singles chart and that really is where I sit, in the live music scene, it's a weird one what is in the singles chart at the moment. There are a lot of good young bands and singers out there but you never get to hear them unless you go out to see them perform live.

What was the last track you downloaded?

I stream a lot and listen to Spotify, the last track would probably be Elephant by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, I like a young Dublin band called Wild Youth, you should check them out and I'm also listening a lot to Tom Waits, lyrically he inspired me a lot.