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Graham Clark
Features Writer
12:30 PM 24th November 2020

Interview With Litany

Raised in Harrogate, Litany (real name Beth Cornell) formed her long term band from the Yorkshire music scene. Sold out shows have included London’s Garage as well as strong sets at the Leeds Festival.

A new track Uh-Huh has just been released with a video directed by Joe Lycett. I asked Litany about her music and about missing Yorkshire.

You are originally from Harrogate, do you miss the town?
I moved down to London now but I do miss Harrogate a lot. Harrogate is like the Yorkshire version of Chelsea. I lived in Harrogate until I was 22, but the town feels like a village as you see so many people that you know. People from Yorkshire have a warmth that you do not get in London, it’s good to come back and to hear a Yorkshire accent too.

Who were your influences growing up?
I have really varied tastes. Wen I was in my mid teens I was into a lot of indie bands, then when I was 15 I saw Florence and the Machine at the Cockpit in Leeds, what a great concert that was and it was so sad when the venue closed down.
Overall though I listened to Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Arcade Fire - must with an epic sound, alternative music really pulled me in though.

How was the lockdown for you?
The first lockdown was hard, my tour got cancelled, we did all the rehearsals and managed to do the first date in Edinburgh, but then the lockdown came in. It was hard mentally and creatively. I moved in with my boyfriend though and during the Lockdown I wrote a cook book for Asian cooking. I do miss a good Bradford curry though and also going to the Aagrah in Leeds.

Do you like any current music?
The Top 40 has definitely changed - with streaming you get Ed Sheeran with 5 songs in there. It is a lot harder for young bands to break through - a lot of music executives do not really understand the musical landscape as it is now.

Do you have any favourite venues to play?
It’s sorry to see all the small venues closing in Leeds and Manchester. It’s heartbreaking to see that these venues getting scrapped as they are the lifeblood where new bands can play.
My favourite venue that is still open is the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds. Still to this day there is a different vibe in the north and at this venue you can see established bands as well as new ones. I do miss The Cockpit though, I saw so many bands there who were on the way up, such as Tokyo Police Club, The Horrors and Blood Red Shoes.