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Graham Clark
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8:00 PM 3rd February 2020

Interview With Mae Muller

Rising pop singer Mae Muller has already had a taste of playing arenas when she supported Little Mix on tour last autumn. She has just released a stunning soulful jazzy tinged single, Therapist. On the eve of her solo tour I spoke to Mae about the new single and forthcoming tour.

Your new single Therapist, is the lyric about one of your ex boyfriends?
I tried to take inspiration from a woman's point of view, it is not a woman's job to take on board every man's problems, so yes there is a bit of My experiences in there. Radio 2 played the song the other day and my dad messaged me to say had I heard it, though I hadn't.
We filmed the video for the song whilst I was on tour with Little Mix, it was filmed at an amazing old house in Kent, it was a long day though, 18 hours in fact.

I can hear lots of influences in your music such as Sade
I take that as a compliment. My dad listened to Sade when I was growing up, he had a great taste in music so a lot of what he listened to became engrained in my head. I love R&B and pop music, they are my main inspirations.

What was it like supporting Little Mix on tour?
It was insane and the most amazing thing I have ever done, I went from playing in front of 200 people a night to 20,000. At the interval I did a meet and greet and was surprised how many people turned up to meet me. The tour gave me more confidence as a person and I feel very lucky to be where I am.

What can we expect from your own tour?
It starts on 8 February and it's going to be very uplifting. I want people to forget about their worries and have fun and for it to be a party.

When is your album coming out?
We are working on it at the moment, I want it to come out at the right time, I'm a perfectionist and I want the album to be one that the fans will enjoy.

You played Live At Leeds last year, what was it like?
It was the first time I have been to Leeds and I really enjoyed it, the fans were very warm to me.

You worked in retail previously did you enjoy it?
I did, it taught me about the value of money but singing is what I do best so I can't really ever see me going back to working in retail!

Tuesday 11 February - Deaf Institute, Manchester