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Graham Clark
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12:22 PM 20th November 2020

Interview With Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson has announced that his new album Southern Symphony will be released on the 4th December and was co-produced by longterm collaborator Casey Brown and Dann Huff (Billy Ray Cyrus, Dusty Springfield, Shania Twain).

His debut album Yours is certified Gold in the US and he's also received nominations at the Academy of Country Music Awards, CMT Music Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards.

I asked Russell about the new album and becoming a parent, as well as what you should check out if you ever visit Nashville.

photo credit Spencer Combs
photo credit Spencer Combs
What can we expect from your new album Southern Symphony?

Southern Symphony is a continuation of record one. It’s ten songs that I could not be more proud of. It is me, my story, my life, and I am so excited for the world to hear it.

How did you spend the lockdown?

I spent the lockdown at home, with a pregnant wife, finishing a record that I am so, so proud of. In my spare time, I was chopping down trees and building bonfires on the regular!

Do you listen to any other music besides country music?

Of course! I was born in a cornfield town in West Tennessee and moved to Nashville, where I was exposed to all kinds of music in a big city. From Usher to Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Garth Brooks and more.

You are now a parent, what are the best things about being a parent?

Everything! Mornings are the best right now! Little Remington is starting to be very vocal and aware especially in the mornings with us!

Have you ever visited the UK?

Yes! I’ve been five different times. It really is starting to feel like a home away from home now that we have played several shows in the UK.

I have never been to Nashville but hope to visit next year, any tips on good places to check out?

We love the 12th South and Germantown areas! They feel like small towns in the city and if it's your first time, you have to hit Broadway!

Why do you think Country music is still as popular as ever?

Country music is definitely as popular as ever and getting bigger. I love being a part of the Country music front lines, taking this genre further and wider across the world.

What do you think is the secret of writing a good song?

I always imagine the fans first. I write my story but I write it for them. How will they relate? How will this help them escape the real world at a show? How will this help them tell someone how much they mean to them? I don't write music as my therapy, I write it as theirs.