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11:00 PM 15th May 2019

Interview With Taylor Grey

Taylor Grey
Taylor Grey
American singer Taylor Grey has landed the support slot on the current tour from The Vamps which visits Harrogate. Taking a break from her studies at Stanford University where she is studying Neuroscience, Taylor is combining studying with her musical career. I asked Taylor about the tour and her forthcoming visit to Yorkshire.

How is the tour going so far with The Vamps?

It is going great, it is such fun. I have not been to the UK since I was 10 years old so it has been fantastic to come back over here again. The fans so far have been fantastic, after my set I stand by the merchandise desk and meet members of the audience, it's the usual thing, selfies with me and a bit of chat.
I do 5 songs on stage, though it is best to get there early as I am usually on at 7.25.

How did you get the support slot on The Vamps tour?

3 years ago I did some shows in America with The Vamps and I have also written a track too with Brad (Simpson) from the band. We got to know each other really well. The guys in the band are super nice. They invited me to come over here to the UK to do some shows with them and here I am.

Have you managed to do any sightseeing whilst over here?

I have been around London so far and that was great. I am looking forward to coming to Harrogate after what you have told me about the town, it sounds different from the other places I have visited on the tour so far.

How do you find studying and touring at the same time?

I have not finished my studying yet, so yes, it is kind of strange. I am having to do my homework on the tour. I do the show, meet the fans at the interval then I might look at some of my work papers. It is like two different worlds. Music and performing though is where my heart is.

Your debut album Space Case was produced by Josh Abraham who has worked with Justin Bieber, Pink and Kelly Clarkson, what was it like working with him?

It was so surreal. He has worked with so many successful artists. Josh is so talented and very experienced but so humble too. I could not believe I was working with him.

Who are your influences?

I listened a lot to Vanessa Carlton when growing up, but you might not expect it but I also like a lot of classic rock such as Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac are in there too and also The Eagles who I listened to a lot.

Who would you like to do a song with?

Bebe Rexha would be a good choice. There are so many. I have really enjoyed the experience that the support slot on The Vamps tour has given me. I have been here for 3 weeks now and have enjoyed it so much. I go back to studying full time when I return back to California, I will have so many good stories to share. Performing on this tour has been the best part of the year so far, it is such an energetic rush and not something many people will get to experience. When I meet the audience at the interval they have been saying the nicest things.

Taylor Grey supports The Vamps at Harrogate Conference Centre on Friday 17 May