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3:05 PM 13th May 2020

Interview With Ward Thomas

Ward Thomas
Ward Thomas
Ward Thomas have just released a new track, Hold Space. The duo are also going out on an acoustic tour in the autumn. I asked them about the forthcoming tour amongst other questions. Here is what they had to say.

You are going on an acoustic tour in the autumn, what made you decide to do the acoustic shows?

During our last tour we had a big production and really enjoyed it but our favourite moments in the set were always the more stripped back ones where we felt the most connected to the audience. The acoustic stripped back tour feels like the perfect next phase especially with the next collection of songs we are working on.

The Leeds show at the City Varieties is sold out, do you know much about the historic venue?

Not enough! We know it’s a stunning venue with history dating back more than 100 years and it has been recently restored?!

Do you have any pre show or post show rituals?

We always like a bit of quiet time before a show, we usually listen to a good podcast or audiobook whilst putting on make up and drinking lots of water. Then after the show we have a drink but often it’s a cup of tea! (I know soooo rock n roll)

The tour visits some places that artists never get to such as Barrow in Furness, was that a concious decision?

Yes! We wanted to go to some cities and towns that we don’t usually get to visit, especially as this tour feels much more intimate and stripped back.

You have toured and recorded with James Blunt earlier this year, how did the song come about and what was the tour like for you both?

The song came about after James had written a great song that had a strong country feel to it and he approached us. He then asked us to join him on tour and it was all a perfect combo! We LOVED being part of the song and getting to play it every night with him along with our own set! The tour was amazing, it was quite scary as the venues were bigger than the usual and we were accompanying ourselves but it was a really wonderful experience.

How are you both spending your time during the Lockdown?

We are spending it at home with all of our animals and doing a lot of recording from home! So it's actually been a very productive time for us, which is lucky.

What was it like growing up on a farm and do you miss life in the country?

We have replicated our childhood life into our adult life in a lot of ways, we still live in the country, we have two dogs, four chickens, a Shetland and a horse! We loved life on the farm, it was spent mostly outdoors and we continue to spend a lot of time outdoors when we aren’t recording and often write our songs outside in the rural country.

Why do you think country music has become so popular again in the UK?

I think it’s because a lot of people have been much more exposed to country music over the last few years, with the rise in country being played on the radio, streaming platforms now enable us to reach more music from further afield.

If you went on Celebrity Mastermind what would be your specialist subjects?

Harry Potter and horses!

What makes you both happy?

Writing music, singing, our animals, our friends and family and the countryside.

The tour in September 2020 visits:

Sunday 6 September - Leeds City Varieties - SOLD OUT
Wednesday 9 September - Manchester, RNCM Theatre
Friday 11 September - Barrow-in-Furness, Forum Theatre
Saturday 12 September - Liverpool, Grand Theatre