Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
2:00 AM 25th June 2022

Interview with Hatari

Hatari are best known for bringing their anti-capitalist BDSM techno punk rock to the Eurovision stage in 2019. The Iceland representatives were firm fan favourites in the build-up to the contest and finished in a respectable 10th place. Since then they have released their debut album, Neyslutrans, and continued to build on their solid fanbase. While their UK tour got postponed due to Covid, they finally arrive on these shores next month.

We caught up with the one of the group's vocalists, Matthías Haraldsson, to learn a little more.

Hi Matthías, first of all how are you all?

Despite our best efforts, capitalism still seems to be the prevailing world order. Apart from this small hurdle, we are doing well.

You are finally back on the road again, how does that feel?

This fact does indeed induce us with a feeling like that of lambs in the springtime, jumping across the green meadows without a care in the world.

You arrive in the UK for the tour two years after initially planned, how has the live show altered in that time?

We are not at liberty to disclose such information at this time.

Last year you released a remix collection of your debut album, Neylustrans, will the show centre on the originals or will it feature the remixes?

The originals.

And of course, we are all dying to know when new material is expected?


If some is on the way, how does it build from the debut?

It draws on the same themes of destruction, liberation, and hope amidst catastrophe, while also offering a consumer friendly listening experience to be enjoyed with a smile on the face among family and friends.

Aside from the tour, what ambitions do you have for 2022?

Our ambitions are, apart from eradicating the current socio-political ethos, to spend as much quality time with friends and family as possible, preferably in a stress free environment, such as by a lake.

Lastly, your debut album featured a couple of collaborations. If you could team up with one UK artist, who would you choose?

The Penistone Ladies Choir, without a doubt.

Hatari Tour Dates:
July 15: Manchester Club Academy, Manchester July 16: Electric Ballroom, London