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Christopher Jackson
Features Writer
10:54 AM 2nd July 2020

It’s Only Words

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity
Watching Sean Hannity of Fox News doing his daily cheer leader show for President Trump, one half expects him to suddenly rip off his suit to reveal a spandex glitter suit and swivel the pom-poms! He is insufferable.

When he and Trump speak face to face the mutual unctuousness on display is utterly sick making. But stick with it long enough and your distaste will inevitably give way to laughter at the inanity of it all.

Trump (aka Windbag the Wailer) was on the fake news rant - his usual mantra when criticised. And last week he clearly felt his masculinity was impugned as people observed his frail walk down a ramp at West Point Military Academy. A mature man might well have mocked himself, or at least said ‘hey one slip and I’d have looked really stupid’, but he preferred to indulge in an impassioned explanation. I won’t bore you with it here, but trust me when I tell you it was 1,798 words long. Talk about Lady Gertrude - ‘The man doth protest too much me thinks’. The guy simply doesn’t know how to button it. And he clearly has no feel for the human psyche; his rant laden explanation merely confirming what most of us thought. The man is a buffoon. It amuses me to imagine him as a Eunuch in a harem; he’d no doubt say he was doing the best he could in the circumstances.

Contrast this diatribe with Lincoln’s Gettysburg address at 272 words.

Never has the less is more principle been more apposite.

The Lord’s Prayer? - just 66 words.

The Ten Commandments? - 79 words!

I recall the story of the young Buddhist who joins a Trappist Monastery in the Himalayas. The monks take a vow of silence and are allowed two words every 20 years. After the first 20 years the Abbott asks if he had anything to say. ‘I’m cold’ he says. After another 20 years he’s asked again and replies ‘I’m hungry’. Yet another 20 years pass and he says ‘I’m leaving’ to which the Abbott replies, ‘Thank God for that, you’ve done nothing but moan since you got here!’

Hopefully we have only 6 more months of Trump before we can say ‘Thank God’

As a secularist I’ve always clung to the wise words of Edmund Burke who famously said,

‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing’.

Let us hope the good people of America rid us of this turbulent president.