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Graham Clark
Features Writer
12:08 PM 23rd August 2021

Jake Bugg Discovers Pop On Saturday Night, Sunday Morning *****

Nottingham’s Jake Bugg says this fifth album he was influenced by the likes of Abba and the Bee Gees - personally I cannot hear that. His brand of indie rock has been replaced by a pop sheen that his fanbase might find hard to digest.

Opening track All I Need sounds like it was written to be heard on every radio station across the country. Kiss Like The Sun is the only track here that harks back to his earlier tracks, sounding like The Charlatans meets Buddy Holly!

By bringing in writers who have worked with contemporary pop artists such as Dua Lipa, the album is a brave move that will hopefully not backfire.

Rabbit Hole and Lost are both built around a guitar riff which makes you think it is there to please the indie fans, both tracks are not what you would associate with Bugg.

Lonely Hours could be the cousin to Billy Idol’s White Wedding. Like a steam train gliding over the tracks, Bugg seems unstoppable in his quest to reinvent himself.

Hold Tight closes the album, though the track is more Johnny Cash than Johnny Marr as a steel guitar lends a country feel to the proceedings.

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning might leave his existing fans with a bad hangover - to the rest of us this fine album is not a sobering proposition at all.