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Graham Clark
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9:59 PM 4th November 2019

James Blunt - Once Upon A Mind (Atlantic Records)

It is easy to knock James Blunt, when he became famous with the worldwide hit You're Beautiful it seemed like he was the new Chris de Burgh for the next generation.

The former British Army officer though has over the past few years appeared on many European Dance tracks with Lost Frequencies and Alle Farben. These influencers and his time at his Ibiza home seems to have rubbed off on some of the tracks on his new album - Once Upon A Mind.

The opening track, The Truth is an anthem driven song with dance tendencies that shows the non disbelievers that he can move with the best of them. You can just imagine the track opening up his arena tour next spring.

The first single off the album Cold is again another track that is probably how most people expect Blunt to sound. The track is a commercial song that should have been a bigger hit in his home country than it was.

Elsewhere Champions gives a knowing nod to the more subtle dance tracks that are big hits in Europe. The track will surely be a single at some point. It has a melody that sticks in your head for all the right reasons.

If you want one of his typical ballads then look no further than Monsters. The track has an interesting lyric, whilst on Halfway he tries to infuse a touch of country into the song.

His wit and charm might not come through on the tracks but you can see for yourself when he tours next year.

I rate the album 3 out of 5

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