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Graham Clark
Features Writer
1:52 PM 28th May 2021

Jarrod Lawson - Be The Change

Sometimes you might think it is impossible to improve upon a good song. Take for example the eponymous title track of Jarrod Lawson’s latest album.

Be The Change is a soulful gem that on first hearing could be mistaken for a John Legend song; think of his track Good Morning and you will get the picture.

The song though has been remixed by Michelle Chiavarini and, given some decent weather, this new mix could be the soundtrack to your summer. It is a breezy, somewhat jazzy affair with a soulful heart it makes you wonder why Jarrod Lawson is not more widely known.

This new album is the second release from the American born singer who hopes to come over to the UK in the Autumn to play some live shows.

The best tracks appear at the beginning of the album: I’ll Be Your Radio is a duet with Moonchild. Being part Steely Dan and part Stevie Wonder and as sticky as treacle, the song holds you in its grasp until the melody hooks you.

Battlefield takes the jazzy vibe deeper, whilst the D’Angelo influence shines through on Connected.

You might think the vocal belongs to Sting on How Long as a Cuban style rhythm underpins the song. Infused with some classy guitar playing this track showcases everything that is best about Jarrod Lawson.

If the idea of the Michele Chiavarini mix of Be The Change was to introduce Lawson to a whole new audience then it has done the trick. A wonderful new discovery - time to make the change.

Jarrod Lawson appears at Blues Kitchen, Manchester Tuesday 26th October

I rate the album 3 out of 5