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12:58 PM 26th July 2022

Jarrow Schoolboy’s Joy As He Signs For Sunderland AFC

Jools Dowell
Jools Dowell
A pupil from a school in South Tyneside has signed a professional contract with Sunderland AFC at the age of eight years old.

Jools Dowell, who attends St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School, which is part of Bishop Chadwick Catholic Education Trust, has signed a professional contract with Sunderland AFC after being scouted while playing grass roots football in local games and tournaments.

I have supported Sunderland my whole life and signing for them is like a dream.
Jools has played for Rokerites and his town team, Boldon since the age of seven, as a defender. Keeping it in the family, he joins his brother, Roman, as a young professional footballer signing for a top division team - Roman is currently signed by Newcastle United as a goalkeeper.

Eve Alderson, headteacher at St Matthew’s, said:
“It’s an absolutely fantastic achievement for Jools to secure a professional contract with Sunderland at such a young age and, even better, with a team he’s supported since he first started playing football.

“He’s a very talented footballer and it’s great to see that Sunderland has seen his amazing football skills too and his commitment to the sport.

“Jools and his brother dedicate a lot of their time to football training and matches and playing a competitive team sport like football develops great characteristics including dedication, resilience and determination.

“Team sports are also great for social development and we’re a big fan of them at our school. This is why we offer our children the opportunity to participate in a wide range of team-based sports from football and basketball to cricket and hockey. Well done, Jools.”

Jools trains with Sunderland AFC three times a week and plays every Sunday, often travelling around the country for fixtures.

Jools said:
“I have supported Sunderland my whole life and signing for them is like a dream. I am so happy to be part of Sunderland AFC Academy. I definitely want to be on the first team when I’m older, just like Dan Neil.”