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Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:47 AM 16th October 2021

Jason Donovan Gives Leeds 10 Good Reasons

When the merchandise stall only sells T Shirts in a ladies size it gives you some indication of who Jason Donovan predominately appeals to.

The actor come singer has had a varied career to date. He is currently on a huge UK tour that celebrates his Ten Good Reasons which was the best selling album of the year when it was released in 1989. Billed The Even More Reasons Tour the album is performed in its entirety during the evening.

It was mainly written and produced by the hit making Stock, Aitken and Waterman team who at the time of release were on a roll. The trio were riding high on the back of their success with Rick Astley and whatever your opinion of one of Britain’s most successful writing and production teams is, there is no denying that as far as pop music goes the album is unashamedly pure pop.

Performing the show in two halves, Donovan arrives on stage dressed in black wearing a pair of heels - with reference to his stint in Priscilla - Queen of the Desert.

He jokes about the tour being booked when he was in his 40’s (he is now 53 years old) and shares antidotes about his career in a warming manner.

Whilst Donovan might be no Angry Anderson he performs a Sterling version of Suddenly, the track that is more famously known for being used during the wedding when Donovan’s character Scott married Charlene (Kylie Minogue) in the TV series Neighbours.

Any Dream Will Do from the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was a highlight, showing that whatever direction he goes next, he can always rely on his stage career.

As Too Many Broken Hearts opens the second part of the show the fans were up out of their seats. Performing the album in the track listing order Nothing Can Divide Us, follows in quick succession.

Whilst it might be said that some of the songs from the album all go into one, such is their familiarity, there is no denying that they are as catchy as the flu - and just as hard to get out of your system.

Time Heals comes with a chunky guitar riff that Nile Rodgers would be proud to use, something not always associated with a Stock, Aitken and Waterman production. Like many of the audience I had forgotten how good these songs were.

The Brian Hyland version of Sealed With A Kiss was a diversion from the pop/dance format along with Especially For You, with Leeds born singer Lucy Jane singing the parts normally sung by Kylie Minogue. The Yorkshire singer should be proud of her fabulous version.

Just when you thought Donovan had played all his ace cards, he had another up his sleeve as he encored with Too Many Broken Hearts. With the track being one of the best pop songs in its genre no good reasons were needed to hear this pop classic again.

Highly entertaining with a superb finish.