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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
2:00 AM 30th July 2022

Jeremy Loops Chats About His New Album

Fresh from collaborating with Ed Sheeran on the single, Better Together, Jeremy Loops has released his third studio album, Heard You Got Love. After travelling the world when working on a Superyacht, Jeremy started up multiple charities that tackle the growing (and worrying) amount of plastic found in the ocean. The album includes his collaboration with his childhood legends Ladysmith Black Mambazo. To learn a little more, we caught up with him.

Hi Jeremy, how are you?

Pretty good! Just spent the week in Sardinia after playing a bunch of album release shows in the UK, so feeling grateful for summer and being back on tour in Europe.

You are just over a decade into your recording career, what lessons have you learnt from your first two albums?

First, this game is all about longevity. Making decisions that keep your health in check and your sense of self in check is everything. Second, songwriters can improve forever as long as you work at it. I truly believe that.

Heard You Got Love is ready to be released.. Tell us about the writing and recording process…

Heard You Got Love
is now out, yes! It’s exciting. The recording process was unusual. I kinda made the album twice! I had it ready to go for early 2020, then the pandemic shut things down. I couldn’t stomach releasing an album I couldn’t tour so we put the breaks on things. And so I began releasing singles, which forced me to write new songs. And because of COVID, a bunch of that recording was remote, which was weird, but also strangely rewarding because it gave me access to incredible producers I now have wonderful relationships with.

How did you decide on the title?

It’s a lyric from one of the singles, Head Start. The lyric goes ‘Heard you got love, can I get some’ and that always struck me. Like, we know people have a bottomless capacity for love. All of us but fringe cases like sociopaths and psychopaths. But we kinda choose not to tap into that power for love as a defence mechanism, I guess. And there’s something quite powerful about looking at another person through that lens of knowing they have this capacity for community and companionship and asking them to share that with you.

You've teased the release with a couple of singles. How do you decide which songs are the best singles?

Alchemy. Haha. Choosing singles is difficult and detailed. Obviously you want to release a song that has the biggest chance of blowing up, but deciding what song that is a combination of art and science. I’m also huge on a single being a thematic core to the album, and both Better Together, which I wrote with Ed Sheeran, and Head Start, the two lead singles from the album, are thematic cores.

Your success has gradually grown in different countries. Which has surprised you most?

You’re right about the gradual growth. I’m a fan of it. It’s sustainable. However, we blew up in the Czech Republic almost overnight. Genuinely. We played a festival called Colours of Ostrava, then were booking 2000 pax rooms for our first ever headline shows out there off the back of that. I’ve always preached the power of live shows to make believers of people, which is why we take performing so seriously, but seeing it play out like that and that fast was quite remarkable.

Where do you most enjoy performing?

Anywhere we have an audience, I love performing there. Sure, that may sound like a cop out, but I love what I do and just having thousands of people each night in cities all over the world giving you that energy back is everything music is about.

You have some UK shows later this year, what can we expect?

Just bangers! When we started the band, I had one hit and one quasi hit. Nobody knew the other songs in our set, so the show was really just built off energy and enthusiasm by us and our audience. Now, we’re three albums deep, with a bunch more hits in the pocket, and an audience who know and trust us, so the shows are just much more fun. We’ve got enough bangers for a full on assault, but also the liberty of experimenting with songs I’m excited about.

So expect that! Bangers and mash. Ha.

If you could collaborate with one artist at your UK shows, who would you invite on stage with you?

Geez. Just one. That’s a tough one. Dave, maybe? He’s brilliant and his stage presence is quite something. Would be good to link up with Ed again but on stage this time, so he’d be another.

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