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7:00 AM 10th September 2021

Jet2 Closes Billion Dollar Deal With Airbus

Jet2 is to purchase 36 new aircraft from Airbus as it responds to future anticipated growth of its leisure travel business.

The move will not only refresh the airline’s existing fleet but also comes with an option to purchase a further 14 Airbus A321 NEO aircraft if demand dictates. They will be delivered over the next five years and represent a $4.9billion investment at the lower level, $8.1b if the deal runs to 60 planes.

Jet2 plc’s Executive Chairman Philip Meeson said: "We are delighted to have placed this order with Airbus and are proud to operate this aircraft which has more seats, provides additional operating benefits through lower fuel consumption and is, in our opinion, the most efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft in its class today.”