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Graham Clark
Features Writer
10:00 PM 3rd January 2020

Joe Armon-Jones Turns To The North For 2 Concerts

If you like the fluid jazz of Herbie Hancock chances are you will enjoy the music of 26 year old Joe Armon-Jones. Mixing jazz, reggae, dubs and p-funk the keyboardist and arranger is going out on tour in support of his new album Turn To Clear View.

He was a founding member of the Ezra Collective before releasing the album Starting Today in 2018 and the follow up album Icy Roads (Stacked).

The gigs promise a diverse evening of all the genres of music that go into his melting pot of influences.

You can witness the man himself backed by a stellar band of musicians:

11 February - Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
14 February - Soup Kitchen, Manchester