Yorkshire Times
Voice of the North
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
3:00 AM 18th June 2020

Julia - Passe... Comme Tu Sais

Julia auditioned for The Voice Kids back in 2015. A huge opportunity in itself, and one that has proved to be life changing. While after the series she continued to share her musical talent on YouTube, it was actually catching eyes of the truly prolific duo Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat that would set her firmly on the road to superstardom. Debuting in 2018 with saucy synth-pop of S.E.X.T.O, it was clear that the duo behind early noughties icon Alizée had once again found a real treasure.

While Alizée left working with the duo behind her her 2003 sophomore album, Mes Courants Électriques, with the pairing continuing to write and record prolific records for the supreme solo project by Mylène Farmer, it is exciting to once again hear the more mainstream poppier tones with their distinctive edge getting a new voice.

Now worry not, Julia is not simply Alizée #2. There are similarities in their delivery and sound, but there are also big distinctions. The music industry has changed vastly in 20 years, and the compositions that formulate Julia's debut record, Passe... comme tu sais, are both retrospective and forward thinking simultaneously. Equally there are moments when Julia's vocal has echoes of Lara Fabian, while My Lovely Day has echoes of the greatly underappreciated Mélanie Cohl.

Julia is every inch the perfect popstar. She boasts the perfect girl next door appearance, with a faultless balance of naughty and nice within her performance. The songs are immediate pop gems which not only stick in your head immediately, but have you singing into your hairbrush and bouncing on your bed in glee regardless of your age bracket.

While the build-up single #MESUISTROMPÉE, S.E.X.T.O and Et Toi Mon Amour are clear highlights, this really is an album without filler. Joining the aformentioned as key moments, however, are the sensational closer Mon héritage and genius La vie coule.

At face value it would appear that Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat have seen the same potential in Julia as they did in Alizée, but the reality is Julia is her own artist with her own voice. This deserves to be as phenomenally successful as both Alizée and Mylène Farmer's solo project, but on its own merits rather than through comparison.

Passe... comme tu sais is a stomping pop romp.