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Graham Clark
Features Writer
9:00 AM 26th June 2020

Kansas Smitty's - Things Happened Here

With Radio 2 support already from Jamie Cullum and Claire Teal this cinematic album draws influences from over 100 years of jazz history from Django Reinhardt to Ahmad Jamal mixed with the musical vibes of Debussy and even former Roxy Music member Brian Eno.

The British Seven piece and residents/owners of East London venue of the same name, Kansas Smitty's are led by American-Italian alto saxophonist Giacomo Smith.

The 9 track album sounds better played at night after a hard day's work. The opening track Riders sounds like it has come from 1960's French film soundtrack.

Sambre Et Meuse is apparently inspired by a World War 1 battle ground and the two rivers of the same name that meet up in Belgium. A jazzy affair it would sound perfect at one of the European summer jazz festivals out in the open air, such as the Nice Jazz Festival had they not all been cancelled this year due to COVID 19.

Temple of Bel comes with an Eastern twist, built around a horn led hook the track is one of the most appealing on the album.

There is even a touch of the blues on closing track Judgement. If you like your jazz then chances are you will enjoy this multi faceted album.

I rate the album 3 out of 5