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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
7:37 PM 19th July 2018

Keeping Cool In The Sunshine

Pepper and Alfie in their new outside shelter
Pepper and Alfie in their new outside shelter
Hi Everyone and welcome back to our weekly post with the Yorkshire Times

It’s been another busy few weeks for me and Alfie, last week we were at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate which was a fantastic event, very busy and the sun was shining which was lovely.

Since the great Yorkshire show we’ve been getting back into the swing of things at home and attempting to keep the pets cool in this sunny weather.

Alfie enjoys an ice lolly
Alfie enjoys an ice lolly
Alfie doesn’t mind the sun and this week I made all the horses lollipops to cool them down which Alfie loved, although Pepper my other miniature Shetland wasn’t very keen on them.

For a change I made banana flavoured ones - I wasn’t aware horses could have bananas until I did some research last week and found out they are good for horses and contain potassium. As well as this they are low in sugar which is good for Alfie’s teeth and all-round health. Although I don’t think I could convince him to give up apples for bananas…

As much as we are loving the sunny weather here at Meadowlea stables the horses have been a little fed up over the past few days and when we had a light shower of rain they loved it and ran around the paddocks whinnying which was so lovely to watch.

It’s important to make sure your horses and pets have access to fresh water in this heat. All my horses and pets have been drinking so much recently and nearly double more than usual, but I can’t blame them, even I’ve been consuming more water than normal.

My dad built Alfie a new outside shelter last week to help keep Alfie and Pepper cool. They love it and every morning I find them both cuddled together inside which is very cute to see. The shelter is only small and perfect for pint sized Alfie.

I bathed Pepper and Alfie also last week to help cool them down. Pepper unfortunately suffers from ‘Sweet itch’ which is a medical condition and allergic response to midges. There are always more midges out when the sun is shining and last week he was getting very irritated by them all, so it was a bath and a hair cut for both the Shetlands and Pepper soon felt so much better!