Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
6:00 AM 24th October 2020

Kev Sherry - Foxy Orthodoxy

As part of Attic Lights, Kev Sherry has delighted audiences since 2005 with his quirky indie rock sounds. Now trialling life as a solo artist, the musician who also works as a journalist, comic artist and novelist releases his debut album, Foxy Orthodoxy. Having teased the release with a string of striking singles, which showcased his ability to take the sound he is best known for and remould it into something truly unique, his loyal fanbase are fully ready for the eleven track collection.

Opening with the epic instrumental Here Be Apples, it is immediately apparent that this is a collection that is going to see him deliver an album completely on his own terms. While some may feel it is an extended intro that is surplus to requirements, the breezy number is actually a rather wonderful introduction that allows fans of his band to prepare themselves for his own pace.

The fact it is followed by the explosive indie folk-pop of The History of Folk Rock is all the more unexpected as a result of the 3 minutes 14 that precedes it. In fine voice, Sherry delights with a very radio friendly vibe.

Yet the best is still to come. It is when the radio vibes are shed and the driven tones of The Bluff and a dreamy Yeezusman are delivered that the album lifts itself into a new league.

Although the album should have probably closed with the brilliance of Feelgood Movie of the Year as opposed to the slightly questionable Last Bus, 11:57, it is without doubt a worthy debut.

Foxy Orthodoxy may be an album that has clear highs and the occasional low, it is still an impressive debut.