Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Andy Harris
Motoring and Property Editor
12:00 AM 25th May 2024

Kia Reveals The New EV3

Kia already has an extensive range of electric cars to offer the UK buying public and I have driven them extensively. What impresses me most is their real-world range, come winter or summer. If the computer readout says 250 miles, then driven sensibly that will be readily achievable. Not all manufacturers can say the same.

The EV moniker is now being adopted and last year the huge EV9 joined the existing EV6 in the line-up and we were teased with pictures of the smaller EV3 too. The wait is now over as EV3 has now been revealed in all its glory, ahead of its European launch in the second half of this year. It will surely be worth the wait.

Kia will embark on a series of global campaign activities, encapsulated by the statement ‘a moving power.’ The aim we are told is to show the company’s commitment to innovation through cutting-edge design and technology, as we as its determination to expand its offering. They say the introduction of the EV3 ‘will deliver more sustainable, efficient, and convenient mobility to enhance EV accessibility for all.’

The EV3 is a tad longer than the Niro EV and rivals include Volvo’s new EX30, the Renault Megane E-Tech and Volkswagen’s established ID.3. There is no word on pricing, but rumour has it £30,000 or thereabouts is about right.

The EV3 Standard model is offered exclusively with a 58.3kWh battery, whilst the EV3 Long Range variant is fitted with an 81.4kWh battery. Both models utilise a 150kW/283Nm electric motor, which enables a best 0-62mph acceleration time of 7.5 seconds. Top speed is an academic 105mph.

As with the larger EV9 SUV, Kia’s engineers have worked hard to make the EV3 as efficient as possible. Enhanced body aerodynamics, including a full 3D undercover help deliver a low drag coefficient of 0.263Cd. State of the art Battery Management Unit and Cell Monitoring Unit technology ensures the high-voltage battery systems use energy as efficiently as possible.

To that end, the EV3 Long Range should be able to travel up to 370 miles in ideal conditions and this impressive range should give those moving to an EV for the first-time confidence to tackle long journeys without any worries. And when the time comes to charge, Kia’s enhanced Vehicle Charging Management System enables the battery to charge from 10-80 per cent in around half an hour.

The EV3 also come equipped with bio-directional charging from its battery, allowing owners to send power to their home or the grid. It will also be useful for powering external appliances.

EV9-based technology is readily apparent in the cabin. There are twin 12.3-inch screens, a touchscreen in the middle and one ahead of the driver. There is a separate 5-inch screen for the climate control.

There should be room for five people to spread out and there are some useful functions such as the centre console which incorporates a sliding table and storage area. The lower area can store drinks, snacks, and even small backpacks, while personal electronic items such as laptops and tablets can be placed on the table when the vehicle is stationary.

A 25-litre frunk and a 460-litre rear load area combine to give the EV3 the largest luggage capacity in its class. The adjustable two-tier luggage board provides over 140mm of load height flexibility, making it ideal for family camping trips and the like.

Full specifications will be confirmed at a later date, and I look forward to getting behind the wheel later in the year. First though, I will be driving the updated Sorento and Picanto models in July.

I should also mention that the Picanto is now 25 years old and whilst at the SMMT’s Media Drive Day at Millbrook, the Kia PR team held a small impromptu celebration with cake! It was a lovely interlude in what was an exceptionally busy day driving cars.