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Graham Clark
Features Writer
7:00 AM 11th May 2020

Kidsmoke - A Vision In The Dark (Libertino Records)

Welsh indie-pop quartet have come up with an engaging debut album. You might have heard of the band via the single She Takes You Under, released last year which surpassed 14,000 plays on Spotify.

They describe their sound as elegant dreamy pop, but I would say that there is a touch of the Stone Roses in there too, in that Kidsmoke have the jangly melodic indie songs that even the milkman can whistle. Now that we need the milkman more than ever right now there are plenty of hummable tunes here to choose from.

The aforementioned track, She Takes You Under tackles the subject of dealing with your demons in order to move on. The song is wrapped around a guitar hook with soaring harmonies as the track builds in a crescendo. If the band had ideas about playing arenas somewhere down the line then they have the requisite track here.

Passenger like most of the tracks on the album hangs onto a guitar riff that carries the song throughout. The song would sound perfect at a summer festival this summer - that is if you can find one that hasn't been cancelled. With the sun shining and the song playing it is all you could ask for to make the day perfect.

Layla's Love benefits from a female vocal that works well and adds a new dimension to the Kidsmoke sound, whilst Colourfield could be an early Prefab Sprout track as the song wears its pop sensibilities on its sleeves.

Higher talks about the cold wind blowing, but the dreamy pop mantle they have been given is evident on this hypnotic track. If you are old enough to remember Life In A Northern Town by the Dream Academy then chances are you will like what you hear on this track.

The album concludes with The Bluest You which apparently is about a fly on the wall observation about how one individual's depression affects the rest of the household, though the melodic song seems rather inspiring.

There is no smoke screen here on this promising debut, if we get a good summer it could be the perfect soundtrack to the warmer days ahead.

I rate the album 3 out of 5.