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Jeremy Williams-Chalmers
Arts Correspondent
4:14 PM 23rd September 2013

Kilto Take - Mimic

Kilto Take's 'Mimic' is about as stonking a debut single as can ever be imagined. For those hankering after an epic sound to contrast with the current over-produced chart landscape, the aspiring stadium rockers have a sound that will make you want to shake your head and hold your lighter in the air simultaneously.

As you can tell, here at The Yorkshire Times we are fairly blown away by Kilto Take and we could not resist having a quick word with the band before they take the world by storm.

For those unaware of Kilto Take - give us a quick intro...

We are KILTO TAKE, an indie alternative rock band from Hertfordshire, comprising Jon Crosby - Vocals, Guitar; Karl Grant - Bass; Lee James Spavins - Drums.

We formed with the sole intention to make music that we wanted to listen to and that resonated with us, sticking to our roots, rather than following trends for trends sake - music is so much more than that. Our music is built on our passion and love for making music, which is formed predominantly out of spontaneity, hooking on each other's creativity, talent, influences and inspirations (which there are a lot of)...

For us it is about producing new music that has a timeless quality and longevity to it... hearing something slightly different in the subtle nuances every time it's listened to.

Tell us all about your latest single 'Mimic'...

Mimic's lyrical theme is about the inherent self-destruction of modern life. It focuses on the pastimes of a hedonist 'mimicking a life' of empty, throwaway, lust-fuelled pursuits, becoming just another lost soul of 'dissolute culture' it away all too easily.

What made you select the song as a single?

We wanted something fast paced, energetic and that grabs the attention straight off. Mimic works on so many levels... it is elegantly intricate, yet heavy; intimate, yet expansive... just the right mix to introduce ourselves and gives a little taste on what is yet to come.

What inspired the track?

The cover for the debut EP <i>Mimic</i>
The cover for the debut EP Mimic
Musically, Mimic came out of a very organic jam session in our rehearsal studio... it was one of those tracks that came together very quickly and was inspired from within the band, stemming from a bass riff Karl came up with. The rest kind of fell into place, creating the perfect blend between dark and light, which is where we like it.

Comparisons are inevitable in the music industry - if you had to draw your own, who would they be to?

We grew up listening to, and loving, bands like The Cure, Early U2, Radiohead, Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Chameleons, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Bowie, Depeche Mode, Sonic Youth, Simple Minds, New Model Army, The Stranglers... the list goes on and on. There is possibly a little bit of everything in there to some degree, somewhere!

What has been the weirdest comparison you have heard to date?

We have been compared to sounding like the Manic Street Preachers. Not really weird (despite not being a core influence), more of a compliment and an accolade... they have written some amazing tracks... especially their earlier works.

What are your intentions with the single 'Mimic'?

To get it out to as many people as possible! It is always great to find new fans who like our music... we have already garnered a dedicated following in the UK, Europe and the US (which we are totally blown away and humbled by) from the launch of our debut EP... and Mimic is the prelude to our debut album coming out in November. Once that is launched we are hoping to tour the UK and Europe initially...

And your overall ambition?

"Our live shows are fairly intense and very organic"
There is no set plan. We just want to get our music out there... the rest is in the lap of the Gods. If it takes off, then great, but we are just happy to keep writing music we enjoy playing... and evolving our sound... and playing it to people who like listening to it.

When it stops being fun, that's when we will stop.

'Mimic' has a big sound - are you excited to take it on the road?

Definitely, we love playing live! Mimic is such a driving track and is at its best when played LOUD in a live environment!

What is the Kilto Take live experience?

We are a band that gives 100% every gig, playing each and every one as if it is our last... and it is even better when we can feed off the crowd's energy... the bigger the better!

Our live shows are fairly intense and very organic. We love to throw a new tune into our live shows to gauge the response... and more often than not, ad-libbing/experimenting with it vocally, lyrically and musically, until it is just right... kind of fine-tuning. We are very intuitive to each other's playing style, and that comes out on the stage.

What other songs do you have up your sleeve that you can't wait for people to hear?

The next single is Defection... That will be coming out on the same day as our debut album Resolute - 25/11/13 - so everything will hit at once... which is kind of exciting!

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