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Graham Clark
Features Writer
6:01 AM 4th June 2021

Kitt Wakeley - Symphony Of Sinners And Saints

Are you a Sinner or a Saint? asks Oklahoma composer Kitt Wakeley on the back cover of this instrumental album.

It is hard to categorise what area of music the album fits into as it crosses so many genres including rock, electronic dance music and even parts of classical music.

Famed guitarist Joe Satriani even turns up on two of the tracks on the album. His own stamp can be heard on the first single from the album, Conflicted and again on Forgive Me.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London the album includes the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

The overall sound is big and epic - at times it reminds me very much of the huge sound that Jim Steinman conjured up on the Bat Out Of Hell albums recorded by Meatloaf.

Throughout all 10 tracks from the opening number Wicked Ways through to closing song Echoes of Amadeus the cinematic journey glides the listener through a gamut of emotions and senses.

The album will not appeal to everyone but those who appreciate good musicianship will not be disappointed.

I rate the album 3 out of 5.