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3:00 AM 29th July 2022

Knightsbridge Invests In Future Growth With State-Of-The-Art Machinery

Bradford-based contract furniture company, Knightsbridge Furniture, invests in a six figure L-Series Pathfinder fabric cutting machine, as part of a number of investments the company has planned for 2022/23.

The six figure investment was made with the Australian-based manufacturer, Pathfinder, through its UK agent and installer, AE Sewing Machines in Wrexham.

Knightsbridge has made significant investment this year and recently purchased its fourth CNC Router, to help meet increased demand, improve productivity and energy usage.

The Pathfinder fabric cutting machine replaced an older and difficult to maintain cutting system. The new addition has a vastly reduced maintenance program and provides greater cutting accuracy.

From silk to aramid, the state-of-the-art multi-layered fabric cutting machine is fast, accurate and delivers high precision results. The new investment allows for superior fabric nesting techniques which will hugely increase production, material utilisation and time efficiency.

With better accuracy and material control, the Pathfinder allows Knightsbridge to replicate the quality of products whilst also improving lead times.

Jason Brown, Director of Design & Development, comments:
“This new addition to the factory is an exciting investment for Knightsbridge. We are keen to invest in cutting-edge technology to improve our products and services wherever we can. The Pathfinder fabric cutting machine is industry-leading fabric equipment which will allow us to cut additional shapes and sizes and greatly increase our production speed.”