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Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:14 AM 28th June 2020

Kodaline - One Day At A Time (B-Unique)

I was always under the impression that Kodaline were the Irish version of Coldplay and to some extent they are added with a touch of OneRepublic.

The first three tracks on the album have already been drip fed to their fans as singles. Wherever You Are is classic Coldplay but the track has such an uplifting mood that even if you were feeling down in the dumps the song would lift your spirits. The track builds in momentum as it progresses - much like a Westlife song.

Apart from the live circuit being closed at the moment, the reason why Kodaline are not playing Arenas is a mystery to me. Songs such as this are worthy of a bigger audience.

Sometimes again has that euphoric stance “maybe we all get lost sometimes” sings frontman Steve Garrigan. Playing on the band’s strengths the track like most on the album has instant melodies and captivating hooks.

Saving Grace, the third of the already heard tracks would be an ideal number to close their live shows. It is hard to believe that this the band’s fourth album as each song sounds as fresh and instant as a group releasing their debut album.

Spend It With You, a ballad seems to be about a couple spending their last hours together whilst Care is about the ups and downs of a relationship.

The 10 track album fittingly concludes with The End, a dramatic ballad. By this time if the listener has not been won over then perhaps they are missing something. If you have never come across Kodaline before and wondered where are all the bands of today that are writing songs which will be played in 20 years time?

The answer is here in Kodaline.

I rate the album 4 out of 5