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5:30 AM 14th September 2020

LGA Responds To Launch Of NHS Covid-19 App

Responding to the forthcoming launch of the NHS COVID-19 app, which will be used to help businesses meet their legal requirement to record contact details of customers, visitors and staff on their premises, Cllr Ian Hudspeth, Chairman of the Local Government Association’s Community Wellbeing Board, said:

“The launch of the NHS COVID-19 app will help residents, visitors and businesses, along with the councils which support them, to keep track of and isolate future outbreaks.

Cllr Ian Hudspeth
Cllr Ian Hudspeth
“Councils were among those who first piloted the app in their local communities and it is right that they continue to have a pivotal role in managing the local as well as national response. This new tool will complement and work alongside existing local contact tracing efforts.

“As we unfortunately continue to see a rise in infections and the national R rate, we must remain absolutely vigilant and fully prepared to help prevent a possible second wave of coronavirus.

“We urge everybody to download the app when it becomes available and for businesses to ready themselves by having their QR code posters in place, so that as many people as possible are able to play their part in the national effort to defeat this disease.”