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8:50 PM 29th November 2019

Launch Of Online Shopping Platform Set To Revolutionise The Buying Habits Of Savvy Shoppers

Trina Scott-Priestley
Trina Scott-Priestley
A universal wish-list website and app set to transform how consumers shop and share gift ideas has launched today in time for Christmas.

Swishforit allows online users to create, organise and share personal shopping lists for any number of reasons – be it a special occasion, a renovation project, a winter wardrobe overhaul or simply for those ‘must have’ items.

Its creator Trina Scott-Priestley expects the Swishforit brand to become as widely used and recognised as social media apps Pinterest and Instagram, allowing people to “shop-savvy” at the click of a button.

Swishforit has already formed more than 50 affiliate partnerships with big names in retail such as Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Waterstones, brands Decléor, Emma Bridgewater and Crew, as well as leisure groups and niche websites.

“We live in a digital era where we search online for everything and anything, from clothes and gifts, to homewares, wellbeing products and holidays. However, we don’t always have the immediate funds or buying need to make those purchases and that’s where Swishforit comes in,” explained Trina, from Richmond, North Yorkshire.

“Swishforit will be the go-to function to save these items in lists that are then available at your fingertips, to revisit, build and share with ease and simplicity. Technology has brought shoppers convenience and choice, Swishforit allows them to shop-savvy by browsing and organising multiple retail options in one place.”

Swishforit’s timely launch comes as consumer shopping habits continue to evolve, with 1 in every 5 pounds being spent through the internet last year. Within 20 years, up to 95 per cent of retail purchases are expected to be made online.

Trina spotted a gap in the market for a more convenient shopping and gifting site while working as a Chartered Accountant for a multinational IT company. She spent a number of years understanding the market and researching the competition, and for the past 12 months has worked full time to develop Swishforit.

The platform brings with it a host of benefits to online retailers, from large multinationals to small independents, who can use the Swishforit feature button to allow their customers the flexibility and convenience of using a wish-list function.

“This will go some way to help with the huge loss of sales through abandoned baskets, giving shoppers an alternative option to save items they are considering and giving retailers a better chance of securing the sale down the line,” said Trina Scott-Priestley.

Swishforit, which has its head office in Durham, has an array of features beyond list building, such as an inspiration section, a group gifting function allowing people to pool their funds, and a diary for key dates and occasions.

Ms Scott-Priestley said: “I know the business has incredible, scalable potential and I am going to make Swishforit something people simply can’t live without.”