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12:01 AM 1st April 2021

Leeds-based Restaurant To Launch Menu Option For Pets

The Cheese Yard on Meanwood Road, Leeds is to launch a burger for dogs.

The Wolf Burger will be an all-beef chuck steak patty, crumbled savoury biscuit with bone marrow mayo, on a toasted brioche bun. Because they are The Cheese Yard, they’ve also added a slice of grilled Halloumi, because of its rubbery texture and because it squeaks when you eat it which dogs enjoy.

The Cheese Yard has exclusively served humans since 2019. With a menu for adults, a kids’ menu and vegan options. The next logical conclusion was to provide for man’s best friend.

The Cheese Yard’s marketing director, Lila Proof said:
“We see dogs as an untapped market. Their owners love to treat them, with the added upside that they rarely give bad reviews.”

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm, The Cheese Yard can be found on Just Eat and UberEats.
Instagram @cheeseyardlds