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6:33 AM 1st November 2020

Let's Talk About Sexual Health Baby!

by linkedin sales navigator
by linkedin sales navigator
@ The group chat: “Let’s talk about sexual health baby!”

I was talking to my girlfriends on our little group chat about an intimate issue, something we don’t often do but I didn’t think much of it.

We talk about family, relationships, health, both mental and physical, so I thought that a private issue of the risqué nature wouldn’t really be all that shocking. Some of my friends were completely fine, answered any questions I had, shared their experiences and related with me, but one friend wasn’t as inclined.

We reassured her that anything said in our group chat is private and it’s a place that we can all openly discuss these issues, so we know we aren’t alone. She began chatting and we ended up helping her with an issue she’d been facing by herself for weeks, if not months, when it was a completely normal and natural issue to have in the first place.

by Courtney Nuss
by Courtney Nuss
(I know it’s a lot of ‘we said’, ‘she said’ and not a lot of detail on the context - but what happens in the group chat, stays in the group chat I’m afraid.)

But I was surprised that I even needed to reassure her - I thought it was some sort of unwritten rule of the group chat, that you can talk about anything and everything, without judgement and we’d do our best to help.

However, this isn’t for everyone. Some find it difficult to talk to their closest friend that they’ve known for years, about a UTI they have, or troubles in the bedroom that they’re dealing with, when these topics are completely normal and something everyone at some point deals with in some way.

I asked on my Instagram:

"If you don’t speak to your friends about sexual health and sexual issues, who do you speak to?"

Many said that they felt comfortable talking to their parents, especially their Mums. Some said they could talk to their partners or a close friend. Another said their sibling, because the bond they have is good, but they wouldn’t be as in-depth as they would with a friend. The point is, they’re speaking to someone.

The point is, they're speaking to someone
Everyone has different levels of relationships with people around them so having someone to speak to about these types of issues is great. ‘Great’ may sound like an exaggeration but in some cases having someone to talk to can really benefit your life.

If you don’t have someone to talk to, or you think your friends aren’t the type of friends who’d speak about ‘stuff like that’, you may be surprised. Just like my friend, sometimes they just need a bit of reassurance.

When it comes to all-things-sexual-health and ‘downstairs’ issues, it can be uncomfortable and awkward to talk about. You may think the only person you can talk to is a doctor, but you may also want a second opinion before you book that appointment or a hand to hold when you go.

These situations and issues don’t have to do be dealt with on your own, not everyone has the rule book on ‘all things sexual health’ but we’re all full of our own experiences and feelings which is sometimes easier to relate to.