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4:09 PM 14th November 2023

Letter to Editor: Have a Deaf Aware Christmas

Dear Sir/Madam,

Christmas is a time when families and friends look forward to getting together, but for the 1 in 5 adults with hearing loss, crowded dinner tables full of people laughing and shouting over each other can be a nightmare to follow. Not to mention softly lit rooms and the blaring notes of Rocking around the Christmas tree. This is no Christmas cracker joke.

You may have family or friends that struggle with hearing loss? Or perhaps you are the one who often feels left out of conversations? RNID’s Christmas Dinner Game was created to ensure that everyone at your dinner table can have fun together whilst being deaf aware to make sure that everybody feels included and no-one misses that joke you’ve been practising!

Visit and we’ll send you a game pack in the post which will include everything you need to have a festive, fun filled dinner, at the same time as also learning a bit of BSL on the side!

You’ll also find tips for being Deaf Aware on our website, click here. This Christmas let’s make sure no one is left out.

Yours faithfully

Teri Devine
Director of Inclusion and Employment at RNID