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Graham Clark
Features Writer
3:38 PM 19th June 2020

Liam Gallagher - MTV Unplugged - Live At Hull City Hall (Warner)

Rather than standing in the shadows of Oasis, the first two solo albums from Liam Gallagher have stood up in their own right. With positioning him with the right songwriters and producers his career has taken on a new twist after the less successful Beady Eye foray.

Probably the last proper rock star we have, Gallagher is always there to provide a good quote. The last few gigs though that I have attended have seen him less talkative in between the songs with the only comment being his customary "Nice One" being offered after each track.

Whether it was because the gig was being recorded or not I'm not sure, but on this live album he appears to be back to his old self. "It's lovely to be in Hull" he offers at the end of opening track, Wall of Glass. The recording has managed to capture the football like chants of "Liam, Liam" from the fans, thankfully you will not have to put up with the beer drowned floor that is part and parcel of a Liam Gallagher gig.

The album is split between a mix of his solo tracks and Oasis songs. Some Might Say is slowed down a pace but benefits from a more piano driven arrangement.

The addition of the female backing singers often adds a gospel like touch to the proceedings. It is, of course the Oasis songs that predictably go down a storm: Stand By Me turns into a massive opportunity for audience participation with the fans' voices taking over the track. If you have ever been to one of his gigs you will know what a communal experience it can be.

For the real fans Sad Song is a B side from back in the Oasis days; the track sounds reflective yet emotional with the added string accompaniment and a surprise of his old bandmate Bonehead on guitar.

By the time we get to Champagne Supernova, performed with piano and strings, the atmosphere of the night has been captured even along with his "Nice One" trademark offering.

Nice one indeed.

I rate the album 4 out of 5