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Graham Clark
Features Writer
11:43 PM 28th November 2019

Liam Gallagher Returns Home To The North

Before Liam Gallagher takes to the stage over the PA you hear classic tracks from Thin Lizzy, The Sweet and by the time The Stone Roses' I Am The Resurrection comes on the fans are in their element.

If it wasn't for The Stone Roses there might not have been Oasis, the Mancunian group are probably one of the last big groups to come out of the north. The chances of Oasis getting back together look very slim now, but with a Liam Gallagher gig you are going to hear all those classics again anyway.

Entitled Why Me? Why Not Tour following on from the new album of the same name, Gallagher is given a hero's welcome as he walks on stage with the swagger you expect from one of the great rock stars of his generation.

He doesn't move much throughout the performance and any in between banter is kept to a few words such as "Nice One" as each song ends. Rock n Roll Star opens up the gig, the air is filled with beer and the fans throw cups full of beer into the air as the Oasis song is played.

Gallagher's second solo album follows the template of trying to revisit the best of British music from the late 60's so Halo sounds like a lost Rolling Stones track, whilst Shockwave like Bowie around his Ziggy Stardust incarnation.

"Any Oasis fans in the house?" He asks as he introduces Stand By Me, whilst on the song The River he introduces his son Gene Gallagher on stage to play drums.

The new tracks of both his solo albums stand up against the Oasis classics, but as he says "this is where the fun starts" as what is basically the greatest hits of Oasis follows. Wonderwall, Acquiesce, Roll With It follow begging the question, where are the groups now writing songs like these that will still be remembered in 25 years time?

It's not often you go to a concert these days and see the fans actually put their mobile phones away and not record every moment, but they did on Roll With It as they enjoyed the moment and swayed and sang in unison - it could have been 1994 all over again.

It's not over until Supersonic and Champagne Supernova are performed that you wonder what will come next. Saving Cigarettes and Alcohol until the end, 10,000 voices were probably hoarse the morning after, but you couldn't deny that it had been a gig of great songs, plenty of attitude and plenty of spilt beer!

Liam Gallagher plays a homecoming show at Heaton Park, Manchester on Friday 12 June 2020