Yorkshire Times
Weekend Edition
Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:00 PM 13th January 2018

Life In The Yorkshire Dales With Little Alf By My Side…

I’ve always been proud of where I live. I’m not sure what it is, the rolling hills, the dry-stone walls, the wildlife or a combination of them all. I feel so privileged and blessed to live in such a stunning area.

I sometimes think we can take things for granted and I can too forget about the surroundings I live in.

But when I get up every morning and wander down the yard and hear Alfie whinnying for his breakfast and in the distance the sound of cattle and tractors beginning their daily activities, it brings it all back and I feel truly lucky.

I often get asked about what I do in the Dales on a daily basis or in my spare time, and the answer is pretty simple. I’m usually outside with Alfie or one of my 13 pets and if I’m not with them you’ll catch me with my camera and a pair of wellies wandering across fields to capture some of the Yorkshire scenery.

A lot of my friends are away at university in a new location building their own dreams, but when they come back to Yorkshire they always say it’s like coming home which I think is really nice.

Yorkshire is our base, it's what Alfie and I have both always known.

If a pheasant jumps out of nowhere and is wandering across the road it doesn’t startle us because it’s what we've grown up to know and love!

Last week we went out for a walk down the village and we helped a group of ducks and ducklings cross the road. A family stopped in a car to watch and thought the sight was amazing and actually it was.

The episode really made me think about privileges we get here in the Yorkshire Dales and don’t even realise.

All of little Alf’s book are centred and set around the Yorkshire Dales which I think is only right.

I got asked in an interview once about why I based the children’s fictional books in Yorkshire, and the only real reason I had was because it was home to us and it’s what we know, which I think really comes across in the story. I don’t think I could have based the books in another location or even a made-up place because seeing the hills, the wildlife and the people gives me real inspiration for writing.

I recently read ‘The Little Big Things’ the bestselling book by Henry Fraser and somehow I could really connect with his story, a book which had a positive outlook on life no matter what. A story of courage, survival and appreciating the little big things in life.