Yorkshire Times
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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
4:00 PM 21st December 2017

Little Alf And The Christmas Wish

A special Christmas story by Hannah Russell…

It was a cold winter’s night at Meadowlea Farm… and it was just 3 days until Christmas…

Hannah was sat in the large kitchen window looking high in the sky
"I wish I could see Santa and his reindeers" she sighed.

"He only flies at night when everyone is asleep" her mum replied.

Hannah glanced one last time to the sky before heading off to bed for the night.

The next day Hannah woke up and headed down to visit little Alf her miniature Shetland who was asleep peacefully in his stable.

"Hello Alfie"

"Good morning Hannah" he yawned as he got up to greet her.

"Oh Alfie I wish I could spot Santa at night but I can never see him"

"Maybe we should ask some of the other animals if they have ever seen him" he replied.

With that they wandered out of the stables in order to ask some of the other farm animals.

Hannah and Alfie walked over to the first paddock where the three horses, Badger, Paddy and Pepper were munching their hay.

"Have any of you three seen Santa and his reindeers at night?" Hannah asked.

"NO I haven’t"

"Me Neither"

"I would be asleep at night so I definitely haven’t"

Hannah and Alfie thanked the horses very much and headed off to ask someone else…

They wandered down the dusty track and came across Sasha the German Shepherd and Maggie the Cocker Spaniel playing in the garden together.

"Have either of you two seen Santa and his reindeers at night" Alfie asked.

"NO I haven’t I am always in bed at night"

"Me too! I haven’t seen him"

They sighed and carried on walking into the old barn.

They opened the old barn door which creaked and squeaked as they opened it.

The two guinea pigs Candy and Floss were sat huddled in a corner of their hutch munching their carrots.

"Have either of you two seen Santa and his reindeers at night" Hannah asked hopingly.

"I haven’t seen him I am usually asleep at night" Candy the white guinea pig replied.

"I haven’t seen him either, we go inside the house at night"

Hannah and Alfie huffed as they headed back outside into the cold.

As they walked up to the next field, Alfie saw Nancy the cow and Bettie the sheep sleeping in their shed.

"Have either of you two seen Santa and his reindeers" Alfie shouted.

But they didn’t reply as they were softly sleeping.

"It’s no use Alfie nobody has seen him" Hannah said sadly.

"I know why don’t you write a Letter to Santa and leave it by the fire asking Santa for a special Christmas wish" Alfie replied.

"But he will be so busy this time of year; what if he doesn’t get it"

"Of course he will all letters to Santa are retrieved that’s the magic of Christmas…"

That night Hannah sat by the blazing fire and wrote her letter to Santa...

Dear Santa,
I know you will be very busy at this time of year but I would really like to see you and your reindeers.
I would love to hear the bells ringing.
Love Hannah and Alfie
Meadowlea Farm

She read the letter and placed it by the fire.

It was Christmas Eve and Hannah had sat and watched for Santa in the sky the previous night but he was nowhere in sight…

But her letter had been taken… And by the fireplace was a trail of golden dust…

She headed outside to the stables when she heard the two geese talking about something they had seen flying through the air.

"Excuse me, did you say you had seen something flying in the sky last night" she asked.

"‘Yes we did, we think it was Santa and his reindeers they had the most beautiful bells jingling" one of the geese replied.

Hannah smiled happily as she hopped down the path to tell Alfie.

That night Hannah put out by the fire, some carrots for the reindeers and cookies and a tall glass of milk for Santa.

Hannah was in bed thinking about Santa when she heard something faintly ringing in the distance… she sat up in her bed wondering what the noise was when she heard it ringing again… this time she heard it more clearly and realised it was bells jingling…

Rushing over to her window she flung back the curtains and saw something moving very fast through the air…

Squinting her eyes as the object came closer and closer she saw a bright red light shining… and it wasn’t long before she realised it was Rudolf one of Santa’s reindeers at the front of the sleigh.

Running downstairs as quietly as she could she ran to the stables to get Alfie.

"Alfie Alfie! He’s here!" she shouted as she ran into his stable.
Alfie jumped up quickly surprised to see Hannah in her pyjamas.

"Who’s here?" he asked.
"Santa! Come quick he’s outside!"

They both ran outside to see that Santa was landing right in front of them in the stable yard.

"HO HO HO" Santa shouted as the reindeer bells rang out.

The polished red sleigh was shining brightly and covered with a golden rim, the reindeers were a fluffy brown and Rudolf’s nose was shining bright.

The reindeers had a brown leather harness which was laced with red and green bells.

"Well what you waiting for! Lots of presents to deliver, you have to hop inside" Santa said chuckling.

Alfie and Hannah looked at each other
"You mean we can help you deliver the presents?" Hannah asked.

"Of course it’s your Christmas wish after all..."

They both jumped on the back of the sleigh and it was much bigger than Hannah had ever imagined.

"Come on then, up we go" Santa shouted as the reindeers flew into the air…

They flew high up in the sky, above rooftops and Meadowlea farm.

Hannah and Alfie giggled and laughed as they twirled around and danced in the air.


Hannah shouted as they flew across the moon and higher into the night sky.

They helped Santa deliver the presents as they watched him magically disappear down the chimneys on the snowy roofs of children’s houses.

Passing him presents and making sure the reindeers were okay Hannah was soon beginning to yawn, she had never been up this late before.

The next day Hannah woke up in her bed unsure of the night before, had it all been a dream?

As she jumped out of bed with the excitement of Christmas Day she slowly crept down stairs as quiet as a mouse; she creaked open the door to see presents laid out glistening on the floor.

As she headed back upstairs she kicked something small…

Bending down she picked it up, it was a small gift no bigger than her palm and it was wrapped in silver glossy paper.

She turned over the tag as golden dust fluttered to the floor and read:

To Hannah and Alfie
Thank you for all your help last night,
Love Santa and the reindeers.

Tiptoeing back upstairs Hannah crept back into her bed…

With the gift in her hand she read the tag again.

Slowly and gently she unwrapped the ribbon and then carefully removed the silver paper…

Inside was the most beautiful present Hannah could have ever asked for.

There was a small snow globe with Little Alf, Hannah and Santa inside.

As she held the globe in her hand she shook it carefully up and down and magic glitter floated around the round ball.

And on the outside of the globe the words were written.

'Believe in magic and you will find it’