Yorkshire Times
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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:45 AM 18th August 2017

Little Alf Gets A Sponsor

I am so excited to now reveal that Little Alf's new feed sponsor is the amazing Dengie Horse Feeds!

A couple of weeks ago Jo Harrow and Claire Akers from the company came to visit us and talk about Little Alf's current diet and weigh him on the weighbridge. Alfie seemed to love all of the attention.

It was great to talk through Little Alf's diet with Claire and find out that Alfie wasn't getting all his nutrients in his current diet.

It's incredibly important that your horse gets a balanced diet to make sure they stay fit and healthy.

When fed at the recommended feeding rate Little Alf will have a balanced ration to keep him in tip top condition.

Alfie is also fed the grass pellets as a treat. He gets a large handful in his feed ball each day which he loves to roll around his stable!

Jo Harrow Area Manager from Dengie said:
'It is absolutely imperative for a busy pony like Little Alf to have a healthy and balanced diet to keep him in tip top condition.

"We are very excited to be working with Hannah and Little Alf and are delighted that Alf has given our products a hooves up.''

Over the next few weeks Alfie will be beginning his new diet which he is very excited about.

Alfie loves food, I'll be posting about how Alfie is getting on over the next few months!