Yorkshire Times
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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
10:26 PM 19th February 2018

Little Alf Inside The House

Hannah and Alfie making pancakes!
Hannah and Alfie making pancakes!
Yes you read the title right Little Alf has been inside the house once again!

Last week was Pancake Day. I love pancakes and Alfie loves the sweet smell of syrup. With my parents out for the day I decided to sneak him inside... It’s not the first time Alfie has been inside our family kitchen so when I walked him round to the back door he was eager to get inside!

The first time I brought him in he had been a little unsure of his new surroundings, but this time he stepped right in and made himself at home.

I started making pancakes with Alfie and although he can’t have any actual pancakes he seemed to enjoy watching me make them and enjoyed pinching the occasional carrot from the kitchen fridge.

Alfie even had his own chef hat so he looked quite the part. He seemed to love his chef hat and it was a perfect fit over his tiny ears.

The weather in the Yorkshire Dales has been cold recently and we’ve even had snow, so Alfie seemed to welcome being indoors. I even put the fire on to keep us warm!

After making pancakes Alfie and I decided to watch a movie as it had begun to snow and I didn’t fancy taking Alfie out in the snow. Also I didn’t think he would appreciate me taking him out in the cold, so we sat in front of the fire with a blanket watching a movie – we were just missing popcorn than it would have been the perfect afternoon.

Hannah and Alfie watching a movie!
Hannah and Alfie watching a movie!
Alfie settled quietly and watched the screen, he wasn’t in a rush to move and neither was I, until we heard the gate latch go and I knew someone was back home.

I quickly put on my shoes, jacket and beanie and headed back out into the snow. Alfie wasn’t very impressed and wanted to watch the end of the movie, but I had to explain to him we might get told off if someone catches him indoors.

Hannah taking Alfie back to his stable
Hannah taking Alfie back to his stable
With a sigh he plodded slowly back to his stable of hay. I think Alfie would live inside the house if he could!

After putting Alfie back in his stable, I headed back inside. It was pretty obvious Alfie had been in for a visit as there were hoof marks on the kitchen rug and across the floor. Luckily my parents have got used to us creating a lot of mischief so they weren’t too bothered by Alf’s movie afternoon and morning of pancake making! – After all it was snowing outside.