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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
11:19 AM 24th November 2017

Little Alf Wins NEW YORK Literacy Award!

This week has been a pretty busy one for me and Alfie! On Monday we found out that we had won a prestigious award in New York which was so overwhelming it hasn’t quite sunk in yet…

In the summer we where nominated for the ‘Equus Film Festival’ which is an international festival showcasing equestrian based films, book and TV work from all over the world.

I have heard of the award before in previous years but never thought one day we would be nominated!

We were nominated for the ‘Equestrian New York Literacy Award’ with Little Alf’s children's book ‘Little Alf the Magic Helper’ which is a children’s festive tale and tells the story of Little Alf at Christmas time.

I wrote the book back in 2015 when I was 18 years old because I love Christmas and I just had to write a Christmas story…

Back in the summer when I found out we had been nominated I was over the moon but never thought we could end up winning the award.

We were up against some amazing writers from all over the world, including writers from the USA, New Zealand, Sweden and various other countries.

Just to be a part of the award and to be included in the programme was enough of an achievement for us.

On Monday I saw a few messages over social media saying ‘congratulations’, but I wasn’t sure what they were for so I thought someone must have something mixed up and never thought any more of it.

But on the Tuesday morning we received an email from Lisa one of the founders of the event telling us that we had won the New York literacy award from the Equus Film Festival!

I was so overwhelmed I sent back a reply asking if she hadn’t got mixed up! – Thankfully she hadn’t and I really couldn’t believe it.

When Little Alf’s first children’s book was published in 2014 I would never have dreamed of one day winning an award in New York and getting international recognition.

This week we have had a few different interviews with local press which has been lovely and Alfie has been getting lots of carrots!

Unfortunately we couldn’t attend the awards in New York last weekend but Alf’s trophy is currently on its way to us in the post.