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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
9:00 PM 31st March 2018

Little Alf’s First Appearance Of 2018

Hannah and Little Alf
Hannah and Little Alf
After a busy day yesterday, Alfie is enjoying a day in his stable, as with the rainy weather he much prefers being inside for the day.

Yesterday we both attended Middleham Open Stables, which is an annual event held on Good Friday.

The open stables is the chance to look behind the scenes at racing yards, see how they work and meet some of the race horses.

The event is great for the local area and they help raise awareness for equine charities, which I think is amazing.

Alfie was invited as a VIP guest which was lots of fun.

Little Alf in his horse box
Little Alf in his horse box
On Thursday Alfie had a bath and groom ready for his big appearance on the next day and even though I spent hours getting him ready on Thursday night he still managed to get a few knots in his hair overnight…

So, it was an early start Friday morning getting Alfie ready to meet his fans… Although Alfie wasn’t too impressed with the early start and kept yawning while I brushed his mane and tail!

By 9:45am, Alfie was ready to go and loaded on the horse box to Middleham Open Stables.

Once we arrived there was a small crowd waiting for Alfie’s appearance which was lovely. As soon as we pulled the ramp down and set Alfie’s pen up he was on show to his fans which he seemed very pleased about and kept showing off by swishing his head and whinnying.

Lots of people took photos of Alfie which he thoroughly enjoyed and kept posing every time someone got their camera or phone out – I think he knows he’s a bit of a star…

Alfie got to meet lots of other horses on the day as the hunt paraded around the square for a demonstration – I think he thought he could join in with them at one point!

Throughout the day we met lots of wonderful people and signed loads of books. It was nice to hear about how far people had travelled to meet Alfie.

By the time 1:00pm came around Alfie was starting to yawn and it was time to head back down the road towards home.

Once we got back home the kettle went on and Alfie went outside into his paddock for the rest of the afternoon and it wasn’t long before he came up to bed for the night.

I sneaked down around 8:00pm to check on him and he was sound asleep. I think his big adventure had tired him out!