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Hannah Russell
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10:03 AM 28th July 2017

Little Alf's Memoir To Be Published!

Hannah with Little Alf
Hannah with Little Alf
So this week we have the most exciting news, Alfie and I have been working on a special project for just over 9 months and it's been so exciting and quite emotional along the way, with lots of giggles, tears and memories being shared!

This October our Memoir will be published by the 'Little Brown book group' which is a publishing company based in London.

Around a year ago Little Alf and I received a high volume of followers which lead to Little Alf having an article in 'The Times' paper. After this we were taken on by a literacy agency and then on to a publisher! (All so exciting)

When they said they wanted to publish an Autobiography/Memoir based on us I was nervous, excited and very overwhelmed, as being only 20 years old and Alfie just 5 it's very exciting having a book published based on your life!

The story will tell the tale of all of Little Alf's adventures and talk about how Alfie came to live with me back in 2012. From Alfie stealing the neighbour's vegetables to him receiving an award from Princess Anne. The book is full of his naughty and cheeky antics, along with our life in the Yorkshire Dales and how I've grown my business from my bedroom to a shop and stockists around the world!

The book is being released 5 October 2017
The book is being released 5 October 2017
It has been such an exciting book to work on and I've had the most amazing opportunities, visiting London and working with the most wonderful team of people at Little Brown!

I'm glad I can finally start spreading the news as it's been hard to keep something so exciting a secret. (I think Alfie has found it hard too!)

For those of you who don't know what a memoir is (I know I didn't at the beginning!) A memoir is a collection of memories that an individual writes about moments or events, public or private that have taken place in someone's life.

So the book will start from the time I got Alfie to the present day and touches base on all different stories from our time together.

I can now reveal the cover which I just love as it's very magical!

The Book will be released on 5 October 2017. You can pre order it here from Waterstones -

Or from amazon -