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Hannah Russell
Features Writer
12:54 PM 1st August 2018

Little Alf’s Memoir To Be Published In German

Wow! that's a title I never imagined to be writing one day!

When I first became an author in 2014 at 17 years old it was exciting, scary and completely mind boggling. I knew nothing about the writing industry and still don't to this day exactly understand it all, but that’s good because it means there’s time to learn and make mistakes.

I never imagined four years ago that writing would become my full-time career, but then again, I would never have imagined having my own Little Alf shop either or thousands of fans online.

It’s strange how life turns out. I hated writing at school but loved reading. I wasn’t particularly academic nor had I ever dreamed of becoming a writer but here I am with my 6th book being published next month. It’s all a bit crazy and some times I think I’m living in a dream, but to get to where we are today there has been a lot of hard work and stressful times.

I often think back to being 16 years old and not having a clue as to what to do with myself and then even after my first books had been published there was nothing to determine if I could be an author full time.

At the very beginning before my books got more known I was working 3 jobs, a waitress, a retail assistant and social media marketing manager for an events company, as well as writing at night and plugging my books where I could.

I suppose nothing is really plain sailing, but I’ve learnt to go along with the flow and I’m grateful for the difficult times as without them I wouldn’t have learnt new skills or gained the knowledge I have today.

A few months ago, I found out Little Alf’s memoir would be published in German. I never even thought about my book being translated until my agent phoned me, which was super exciting!

I saw the book cover a few weeks ago and it was crazy to see it in another language with a new design.

The German edition will be released in October this year and it will be interesting to see the response from the public in another country and just to see how the whole publishing process works.

I’m probably most excited to get a paperback copy and show Alfie as I know he will be pleasedto see that his story is going far and wide…